Monday, October 17, 2011

Ep.1 - Fangin: Stop... The Boats? (17th October 2011)

Don't worry, you're not seeing a re-run. This week we've dug up an episode we actually recorded in October last year while Fred was away but never released. It remains eerily relevant as we discuss in length some of the issues around refugees coming to Australia. This is a subject that is back on the agenda big time in 2012 after a number of tragediesDon't worry about it all being serious though! We also ask the more important question "Have you guys ever tried rubbing Vodka on your sphincter to get drunk?"... We are officially calling this issue of the podcast "Episode 1".  Dig in! Email us with any questions for next week's show:, or send an audio question on Audioboo or hit us up on Twitter: @FanginAround

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  • Would you rather drink a pint of someone else's urine or eat a plate of your own poop?