Monday, April 25, 2011

Ep.0 - Fangin: The Origin Story (April 25, 2011)

This episode is a very special instalment. We're taking you all the way back to ANZAC day 2011 where Fangin Around, Perth and Australia's greatest podcast, began. This episode is the origin story as it happened.

Years ago a group of top men started recording the audio of their Dungeons and Dragons sessions. A lack of organisation meant not all team members were available to play each week so alternative activities were sought. Originally Fangin Around was conceived as a tumblr about automobiles where we could all post cool stuff about cars… However, it all changed on one fateful day when four DnD Club members happened to be sitting in Jimmerish FM's podcast studio all at once. Spontaneously a Fangin Around podcast was recorded. It was possibly the first and last time we actually talked extensively about cars and one of the rare occasions all four of us, Harry, Chewy, Fred and James were recording together. And yes… it all began with an argument about Karl Lagerfeld and the invention of the "Double Cab" wine blend.

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