Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fangin 38: Backing Trailers

Did you know we're also a feminist podcast? Can women play 3D first person video games? Should they fight on the frontline with male soldiers? Do you know what Vixing is? Find out the answers to these big questions and more with this grand episode. Subscribe and join Rhett and James on another epic Odyssey through space and time! Email us with any questions for next week's show:, or send an audio question on Audioboo or hit us up on Twitter: @FanginAround We're also now on Tent!

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    Questions of the Week:

    • What does "Real Talk" mean to you?
    • If you were forced to, what medium would you give up forever: Books, Movies or Music?
    • Would you rather lose your eyesight or your hearing?

    Relevant Images

    Kate Mara

    Beyonce at the Superbowl