Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fangin 32: The Ugly Side of Nano-bot IMAX Cameras

This week we have our first balmy summer outdoor podcast so enjoy the sounds of the wind on your ear-drums. For some reason we talk a lot about cam show ideas, cooking shows and the effects of future technology on our lives. Email us with any questions for next week's show:, or send an audio question on Audioboo or hit us up on Twitter: @FanginAround We're also now on Tent!

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    Questions of the Week:

    • What would your 'must have' features be in a perfect car?
    • How will nano-bot flying IMAX cameras effect privacy?
    • In an incident involving the automated vehicles of the future, would you want the computer driving your car to choose to sacrifice your life in order to increase the chances of a bus-load of school children not being killed?
    • Should we cease breeding non-native animal pets and let them die off in Australia?

    Somewhat Relevant Pics
    Justine Schofield
    Claire Forlani's Eyes

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