Listen Live

We broadcast our recordings of the podcast LIVE on Jimmerish FM usually around 12:30 UTC Tuesdays. That means you can interact with us via chat and Twitter while we record!

How To Join Us

  1. Follow us on Twitter to find out when we go live.
  2. Listen via TuneIn (On Mobile: iOS | Android. If it doesn't autoplay search for "Jimmerish FM")
  3. or listen via iTunes / Mobile Safari
  4. Chat in our HTML5 chatroom
  5. Tweet with others: #fangin

More Options

Jimmerish FM also simulcasts some of its live shows on Ustream. You can also find more ways to listen and details for chatting via your own IRC client here.

Live Chat Room

Open Chat In Separate Window
To Register Your Current Nickname Type:
/msg nickserv register typeyourpasswordhere typeyouremailaddresshere
To Login Under Your Registered Nickname, Enter Chat As Your Nickname, Then Type:
/msg nickserv identify typeyourpasswordhere
To Chat With Your Own IRC Client:
Find the #jimmerishfm channel at (Colloquy recommended for Mac and iOS)